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Redefining Inclusion proudly presents an array of training programs designed for parents, teachers, and teaching assistants dedicated to supporting neurodiverse learners. In collaboration with Scilla Allen from Efti Enterprises, we’ve joined forces to cultivate awareness, enhance professional skills, and empower participants, fostering best practices in inclusive education.

Our sessions delve into various topics that significantly impact inclusion, addressing the unique learning and development needs of neurodiverse learners. Notably, our participants hail from diverse locations, including Kenya, the UK, Egypt, Uganda, and Tanzania, making our community truly global.

Learn with us

Unlock the keys to inclusive education with Redefining Inclusion’s empowering courses for parents and teachers. Join our community to gain valuable insights, practical strategies, and a deeper understanding of neurodiverse learners. Together, let’s create supportive environments where every learner thrives. Sign up today and embark on a journey of knowledge, compassion, and effective practices.


Become a trainer

Calling all thought leaders in inclusive education! Share your expertise and inspire positive change by delivering transformative trainings with Redefining Inclusion.

Trainer requirements:

  • At least a Masters degree in education, psychology or sociology
  • At least 10 years experience of working with neurodiverse individuals

To get started, simply register with us and our team will be in touch with you promptly. Let’s shape the future of inclusive education together!

Upcoming trainings


I feel like this course has challenged me to change the mindset of the community. Also I am proud of myself to have made the decision of taking this course, the instructors were very patient, accommodating and also understanding. I can't wait to put more practice and enjoy the outcome of what i have learnt. thank you so much Scilla and Nazia. Be blessed.

Other trainings we offer

Course Facilitators

Nazia Ansari

M.A. Inclusive Education, A/OGA

Nazia Ansari, an M. Ed and Orton Gillingham Associate, is a globally recognized professional working with students worldwide. Her training expertise focuses on supporting academic achievement among neurodiverse students, building literacy skills in this population, and providing support for executive functioning. With a commitment to education and neurodiversity, Nazia Ansari contributes to the global effort to enhance learning experiences for diverse students.

Scilla Allen


Meet Scilla Allen, an experienced educational professional who has served as the Learning Support Head in international schools in Kenya. With a background in education, she has transitioned into an educational advisory role. Leveraging her extensive knowledge and hands-on experience, Scilla specializes in creating supportive environments for neurodiverse learners. Her training expertise includes building fundamental competencies like emotional regulation, communication, and socialization among neurodiverse students, empowering them to unlock their full potential in school. Scilla is dedicated to supporting academic achievement and crafting inclusive learning environments tailored to the unique needs of neurodiverse learners.

Shameem Banu

MSc (Rehab), A/OGA, C-SLDI,
Dyslexia Specialist, ADSHE, UK

Shameem is a Quality Assured SpLD Practitioner, Certified Disability Practitioner and Dyslexia Specialist with 14 years of experience. I am a person with physical disability who advocates for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) practices in educational and workplace settings. “Nothing about us without us” – for the disability advisory role, a person with a disability would make a greater impact than anyone else because a PwD like me comes with their own personal lived experience in higher education. My strong academic background and personal experience provide me with deep knowledge on disabilities and their impact on physical, mental, and social well-being. Shameem’s training expertise is based on building literacy among neurodiverse learners