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Strengthening the Support System

The Strengthening the Support System is an extremely interactive course that brings the trainer to your school! This training upskills your teaching assistants so that you can leverage their potential.

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Maximum 8 participants


At Your School

8 hrs instruction + 4 hrs observation & feedback

What we offer

Course Content

  • 8 hours of instruction
  • 4 hours of teaching assistant observation and feedbacl
  • Open access to resources for the span of the programme¬†
  • Membership on the Redefining Inclusion Facebook pag
  • Reading material and video recommendations provided¬†
  • Certificate at the end of the programme


  • Understanding development
  • 8 Key Principles of Inclusion by Nazia Ansari and Scilla Allen
  • Information processing
  • Memory
  • Sensory processing
  • Learning difficulties and their impact
  • Fundamental comptencies


The trainer will spend a total of 4 hours observing teaching assistants and providing them with feedback. This ensures that the participants effectively apply their learning and helps build their confidence.


Scilla Allan