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Welcome to Aspire – the Leicester, Community Literacy Programme for Adults!

Have you ever aspired to achieve something extraordinary in your life, to become the best version of yourself? If challenges with reading and writing have impacted your journey, making it feel more arduous, you might wonder about missed opportunities and alternative paths.

The truth is, everything is attainable with guidance. We’re excited to share fantastic news – it’s never too late to transform. If literacy challenges have held you back, let’s change that starting today! At Inclusivity Education, we’re here to support you in reaching your true potential, making your journey smoother, and helping you fulfill your dreams. The door to success is always open!

One in every 5 students have a difficulty with literacy. Traditional teaching methods are ineffective.

Traditional teaching methods are outdated and ineffective at building literacy. A common approach is to focus on the ‘memorisation of words’ as opposed to equipping you with the skills needed to be able to read or write words for yourself. Therefore, such methods are usually quite limited and not sustainable for securing robust literacy skills.

Our Approach Delivers Sustainable Results

We embrace a distinctive approach at Inclusivity Education, focusing on the mechanics of reading and spelling rather than mere word memorization. By understanding the rules behind word formation, decoding any word becomes achievable. This crucial distinction revolutionizes literacy comprehension.

Consider this: while you may navigate this invitation with ease, unfamiliar words pose a challenge due to relying on memorization. Many individuals coping with reading difficulties have developed a reliance on memorized words, leading to frustration when encountering unfamiliar ones.

Addressing the root of the problem is key for sustainable solutions. Our approach, Orton Gillingham (OG), emphasizes explicit instruction in the mechanics of reading and spelling, providing consistently high-quality results. OG teaches the rules and reasons behind language, empowering learners and fostering a deep sense of accomplishment. It’s not just effective; it’s genuinely fascinating!

Team work

How Does the Aspire Programme Work?


  • Improve self-esteem and confidence
  • Enhanced employment skills
  • Literacy skills can enable individuals to fulfil their true potential
  • Reduces stigma
  • Encourages participation and engagement


  • When
    • 1 sessions a week, starting 22nd January 2024
    • Mondays 
    • 6:45pm to 7:30pm
  • Where
    • Avanti Fields: 21 Furrow View, Leicester LE5 0BX
  • Fee
    • £25 per term (regular price)
    • £20 per term (Avanti school parents)
  • Schedule
    • The sessions will run during term time only

Your Commitment and Contribution

Participants must fully commit to the programme to see the benefits emerge.

Sessions are open to a limited number of 10 participants. Please register your interest by the 10th of August 2023.

Payments to be made by direct debit. Details will be provided upon confirmation.

Additional Support for the Community…

As additional support for the community, we will dedicate 15 minutes of our time (at the beginning or end of sessions) for individuals who need support with personal administrative tasks, such as form filling and making applications.

Please note that this is not legal support or advice; this is purely to provide assistance to anyone who struggles with literacy, perhaps due to English being an additional language, or due to having a language-based learning difficulty.

To take advantage of this free service, you must contact us first to ensure an appointment is made.

Register Now

Please email Nazia to register on Acceptance of your registration will be based on available spaces. We will be in touch once we have received your registration.