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Back to Basics Course

The Back to Basics Course promises to create a successful learning experience for parents and neurodiverse learners within the school and home environment through the 8 principles of inclusion as we prepare them for adult life.

This course is suitable for parents, teachers and teaching assistants.

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This was such an incredible course; glad to have taken it and I can now confidently instruct my learner with an informed opinion . Thank you

8 weeks

2 hours a day for 8 days

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What we offer

Course Content

Session Requirements

  • 8 Targeted training sessions (2 hours per week)
  • Weekly open office session for support 
  • Full time email support 
  • Open access to resources for the span of the programme 
  • Membership on the Redefining Inclusion Facebook page 
  • Opportunities to engage in discussion through a WhatsApp group for the span of the session
  • Weekly tasks with feedback provided 
  • Reading material and video recommendations provided 
  • *5% Discount on an educational assessment by Efti Enterprises 
  • Certificate at the end of the programme

Lesson 1: 8 Principles of Inclusion developed by Scilla Allan and Nazia Ansari

Lesson 2: Academic Achievement for neurodiverse learners

Lesson 3: Building Fundamental Competencies: Self-Regulation, Social Skills, Communication

Lesson 4: IEP Development

Lesson 5: Sensory Processing

Lesson 6: Memory

Lesson 7: Executive Functioning

Week 8: Changing Mindsets

You will need:

  • A child you can work with in person or virtually for the duration of the course

A certificate of completion will only be issued upon

  • Full attendance of weekly course sessions
  • Participation in weekly discussion post via WhatsApp including at least 1 response
  • Completion of weekly reading and/or videos
  • Completion of weekly assignments
  • Submission of an IEP that demonstrates adequate understanding of course content


Nazia Ansari

M.A Inclusive Education


Scilla Allan