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It is with great pleasure that as a parent I give my strong recommendation for Ms. Nazia. I have had an opportunity to closely work with her from the year 2012 to the year 2016.

Nazia has been working with my daughter since she was in middle school. They connected so well with her and she is one person that she would talk to when she had any challenges in school and at home. She acted as a link between school and home and would recommend to us strategies that we would use to help her in doing her homework and also in coping up with other emotional needs.

During the period that we have worked with her we have noted the following attributes that stood out: she demonstrated a willingness to modify the teaching strategies so that it would fit our daughter’s needs in academics and blend in with her personalities and learning style. She is excellent in communication as she was consistent in keeping us up to date with our daughters’ development and if there were issues that we needed to look into they were always communicated on time.



I have known Nazia Ansari-Chitty since 2013 while our family lived in Kenya as U.S. diplomats. She worked intensively with my severe, non-verbal autistic son, Our son, from 2014-2017, as his primary learning provider.

In the absence of a comprehensive learning support division at the school he attended, Nazia developed and updated my son’s Individual Education Plan at the beginning of each academic year. She trained and provided consistent support to Our son’s “shadow” teacher. Nazia assessed Our son’s program diligently throughout the year and made modifications as necessary to address areas of concern. Skills that were mastered were used as steppingstones to take my son’s learning to the next level.
Nazia is exceptional in the special education field. She is extremely capable, skilled and most of all loves working with kids like my son. Her patience and experience make her a highly desirable and valuable professional. Thanks to Nazia, after three years of working with Our son, my son’s coping skills, communication, social interactions and academic growth exceeded my expectations.

As a parent of a child with special needs, I’m deeply invested and involved in every aspect of Our son’s learning; Nazia did not see my presence as intimidating or overbearing, she welcomed it.
Nazia is a great team player and collaborated expertly with other members on Our son’s team. From his Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) and Occupational Therapist, to his Speech Pathologist. She understands the importance of consistency across the board. Together with the BCBA, she played a critical role in introducing and teaching signs to Our son, his primary form of communication to date.

Nazia has immense potential in the special education field. She is leaps and bounds ahead of her peers already. I whole heartedly recommend Nazia for any position she chooses to pursue.


Educational Assessor, Kenya

Nazia has worked with me for about 8 years supporting students with neurodiverse needs. She has an excellent empathy with the students, while at the same time being efficient, organized and reliable.

I have enjoyed a professional and personal friendship with Nazia and appreciate her commitment to furthering her knowledge and meeting the needs of children with learning challenges.

Trixie Pujol

Director, Kipepeo Therapies (Kenya)


I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Nazia for 11 years. I have watched her grow and develop in the field. She is a leading education consultant that has a strong understanding of working with children across the neurodiverse spectrum. cross cultural families and social emotional wellbeing of children. She is dedicated to the children and families she works with and collaborative with other professionals.
As a parent and professional, Nazia’s insight into executive functioning has helped me to better understand how my daughter processes information and has provided me with concrete strategies both for me daughter and the students I support. She is a terrific resource!

Feliciea Jibson

Director, Felser Consulting & PAGS® (Belgium)

I have met Nazia back in 12th November 2018. I was so impressed about her knowledge of child development, pedagogy and ability to write personalised targets for special needs learners matching their developmental level. I was trying at the time to source consultants to write IP assignment for my project. She was just a perfect candidate for our research project. As company director I have assigned work to be researched and written by Nazia for Felser Ltd. The work involved writing suggested teaching resources to match small development steps as part of a PAGS® assessment.

Nazia has a wealth of experience in SEN education in Kenya. She has also contributed to curriculum work in Kenya. Her educational knowledge and practice are outstanding!

Laura Slater

Learning Support Head (Uganda)

We have been so grateful for this program! Breaking the skills into small, sequential steps has made it possible for our student to have success in building the skills he needs to progress and potentially more fully integrate with the rest of the class.

Nazia’s careful guidance and holistic care for the student and his family has been invaluable during this time, especially when the lock-down made it necessary for his mum to carry out the program on her own at home. Brilliant!


School Shadow, Kenya

You made me believe in myself. Whatever one puts their mind in trying to do, they always find ways and means to pull through and succeed. I owe my success right now to what you taught me. Thanks a lot Nazia. Keep bringing change to the world in your amazing ways.


School Shadow, Kenya

I have worked with Nazia for the past one year where we have always brainstormed on different issues affecting our learners. She is open minded and welcomes different perspectives, knowledgeable, team player and a great team leader.

Our interaction with Nazia has helped our students with needs achieve their learning goals through planning, modifications, accommodations and excellent support.

As learning support teacher, Nazia has been a fountain of knowledge and a mentor!!!


School Shadow, Kenya

Working with Nazia was a great experience for me. Nazia was always ready to help me with any difficulties I encountered while working with children with learning difficulties. She was quick to give me ideas and train me if necessary on how to deal with the particular problem I was facing. She always had time to answer my inquiries and would check up on me to see if I was successful and if i needed any further help. She shared her knowledge freely and without holding anything back. Through this she made sure that all the children we worked with received the best that they could get working under us.

I will always appreciate Nazia’s commitment to educating children with learning difficulties and ensuring teachers working under her are well equipped to deliver the best service to these amazing children.


School Shadow, Kenya

Working with Nazia has been a great experience. She is goal oriented, determined and very efficient on her work. Her strategies on creativity and problem solving in teaching are unique and simple. I have gained a lot from her educational platform. It has been a wonderful journey working with you Nazia