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Regulation and Reading

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Welcome to “Regulation and Reading,” a transformative training program for educators and support professionals. Dive into two sessions focusing on essential aspects of neurodiverse education.

Session 1: Explore self-regulation and social-emotional competence with Scilla Allen. Uncover insights into emotional well-being, emotional regulation, positive self-worth, and creating an active learning environment. Equip yourself with tools for fostering a conducive atmosphere and empowering neurodiverse learners.

Regulation and Reading seamlessly intertwine, offering practical insights for a holistic educational approach.

Session 2: Join Nazia Ansari in revolutionizing reading instruction for neurodiverse learners. Discover innovative methods, including phonological awareness, decoding strategies, structured word inquiry, and comprehension skills. This session ensures a comprehensive and inclusive approach, going beyond conventional methods.

Delve into the intricacies of reading instruction, recognizing the evident connection between Regulation and Reading, creating a holistic framework for diverse learning needs.

Embark on this educational journey, where we merge regulation and reading to create an environment where neurodiverse learners thrive. Let’s redefine education and empower every learner for their full potential.

I feel like this course has challenged me to change the mindset of the community. Also, I am proud of myself to have made the decision of taking this course. The instructors were very patient, accommodating, and also understanding. I can't wait to put more practice and enjoy the outcome of what I have learned. Thank you so much, Scilla and Nazia. Be blessed.

2 days

4 hours per day

at Rainbow School

Kitisuru Road


Session 1: 23rd of March 2024

9am to 1pm


Session 2: 24th March 2024

11am to 3pm

Ksh. 10,000/- per participant

What we offer

  • 8 hours of enriched learning
  • Membership on the Redefining Inclusion Facebook page  
  • Reading material and video recommendations provided 
  • Certificate at the end of the programme