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Kenya to the UK

The journey of an Inclusive Education Consultant

Meet Nazia, our dedicated Inclusive Educational Consultant. Originally from Kenya and now based in Leicestershire, UK, Nazia is passionate about fostering inclusion in both education and communities. In Kenya, she worked closely with neurodiverse learners on a one-on-one basis and also served as a trainer for local teacher training programs, specializing in special education and inclusion modules.

Even today, Nazia continues her valuable work in East Africa, creating tailored programs and providing ongoing support to families and students. Locally, she collaborates with students and schools, customizing programs and resources to address each learner’s unique needs. Nazia is not just a consultant; she’s your knowledgeable guide on the path to inclusive education.

Nazia has worked with me for about 8 years supporting students with neurodiverse needs. She has an excellent empathy with the students, while at the same time being efficient, organized and reliable.

Scilla Allen

Nazia, with an M.A. in Inclusive Education and over 17 years of experience, is passionate about creating support systems for neuro-diverse learners. She actively works to bridge communication gaps between teachers and parents, acknowledging the challenges in inclusive education. Trained at the Academy Associate Level in the Orton-Gillingham Approach, Nazia extends her support globally, both face-to-face and virtually. Explore her CV here.

How we support inclusion

Inclusivity Education takes a holistic approach, exploring each learner’s abilities, potential, and learning roadmap. Beyond academics, we foster soft skills alongside the curriculum, breaking down skills into manageable chunks for success. Our developmentally appropriate method addresses existing knowledge and skill gaps, prioritizing seamless practical application. Integrating diverse curricula, we tailor goals to a learner’s unique journey, focusing on foundational skills essential for reading, writing, and numeracy. Our curriculum aims not only for theoretical knowledge but practical functional academics at a minimum.