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Making Inclusion a Reality

Our Vision for Inclusion

Our vision for inclusion is to support neurodiverse learners, the school and families. We meet learners at their level and work together toward making further progress academically and socially while developing core soft skills. 

We aim to support children to realise their true potential.

We offer a range of services, to support neuro-diverse learners.

Literacy Support

Dive into literacy success with Inclusivity Education’s Orton Gillingham Support. Tailored for dyslexic learners, this proven method offers an equally effective alternative to mainstream approaches. Join us to create a supportive learning environment and unlock the joy of reading and spelling for every learner!

Literacy Support

We provide virtual support for learners in the UK and internationally.

Student support

We can provide onsite support for learners within Leicestershire, UK.


Discover personalized support for your child’s learning journey with our comprehensive services. We offer consultation with professionals and parents, utilizing a specialized learning program tailored to meet the unique needs of learners who already have one-to-one support but face challenges in formulating effective learning plans. Additionally, our services include consultation, resource support, and one-to-one sessions, ensuring the implementation of a bespoke learning plan. Leveraging our team’s expertise in academic achievement, we propel your child’s learning to new heights.

Adult Literacy Support

Discover Aspire, our adult literacy program exclusive to Leicester, UK, at Inclusivity Education. It’s never too late to elevate your literacy skills, fostering confidence, improving workforce performance, and cultivating a growth mindset. Join us on this transformative journey where literacy opens new doors and opportunities.

Aspire- Adult Literacy Programme

It is never too late!


We promote inclusion by providing onsite or virtual training sessions.


Welcome to Redefining Inclusion, where we empower educators and parents with specialized training to support neurodiverse learners. Explore our comprehensive programs designed for effective inclusion. If you’re a passionate trainer, join us in making a difference – collaborate with Inclusivity Education to enhance education for neurodiverse learners.