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Inclusivity education does not advocate for any particular approach to supporting a neurodiverse learner. We realise that there is a multitude of options and opinions about approaches . Each family and individual is entitled to make their own choices. Bearing this in mind, we try to facilitate the needs of families and the individual, while supporting and protecting the learner’s well being and mental health. Inclusivity Education is dedicated toward supporting the learner in enjoying successful education and experiences while appreciating them for their uniqueness. 

Our friends page is designed to provide options for families to choose from based on their personal philosophy and feelings about various approaches.

We DO NOT view neurodiverse learners as being ‘broken’ and need to be fixed

Inclusivity Education DOES NOT approve of terms like ‘normal’, ‘disabled’, ‘handicapped’ or ‘deficient’.

We DO NOT agree to using forceful interventions/approaches towards the learners.

Our stand DOES NOT approve of forms of exclusion.

How it should work

Rather than ‘normalising’, we aim to equip learners with the skills and knowledge that will enable them to live independent and fulfilling life (as much as possible), in a way that resonates with them.  We believe that if a learner is not coping, the system needs to be adapted. We are keen to collaboratively work with other professionals and schools to improve the educational experience of neurodiverse learners. 

Although inclusion may spark some opposition among certain institutions and groups. Our services are based on passionately advocating for neurodiverse learners to be accepted and supported in whichever way they, their families and their teachers need. There is a concerning degree of stigmatisation and misconception about neurodiverse which we strive to break down and change. We believe that while neurodiverse learners experience their unique developmental journey, as do all children. With the right support, they can achieve their incredible potential. 

The only limitations that neurodiverse learners face is the rigid and outdated mindset that society holds. However, with much optimism, we see the world changing and that the concept of ‘normal’ is becoming obsolete.
However, we understand that people want to see and interact with what they are familiar with. We recommend that we open our minds and horizons rather than insist that all people should fit through an extremely narrow lens.

Remember, in ensuring inclusion and considering the best for these learners, it is contributing to your school, institutions and community. Inclusion is beneficial to the everyone

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