Inclusivity Education uses an approach that supports the holistic development of a learner. Considering, that learning is not academic, Inclusivity supports learners in developing core soft skills while navigating through the school curriculum.

We take each skill that a learner is working on and break it down into smaller and more achievable chunks. Our approach aims at setting a learner up for success with multiple teaching strategies.

More importantly, we use a developmentally appropriate approach. It ensures that we acknowledge the learner’s knowledge and skills and identify gaps in their learning.

Inclusivity Education prioritises filling of gaps first and addresses any discrepancies a learner encounter between their knowledge and its application.

Academic Curriculum

Inclusivity Education combines various academic curricula into a checklist that is used to gain a baseline on the learner. This is then used to inform targets selected for a learner to work on. The milestones on the curriculum are broken down into developing underlying skills that build reading, writing and numeracy. Inclusivity Education’s academic curriculum serves to build functional academics at the very least.