Knowledge is Power

The  Knowledge is Power course is a fun session that sheds light on the learning journey of a neurodiverse learner. We take a closer look at literacy which is not only a subject but also a core skill. Through this programme, we understand how reading difficultes impact learning and how to work through them. 

This course is suitable for parents, teachers and teaching assistants.

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Nazia has a skill of making one of the most complexly unique subjects, seem quite simple to understand, it was very informative, She was witty and engaging as a trainer.

2 days

4 hours per day

Virtual or in-person

£80 per participant

*excluding travel costs

What we offer

Course Content

  • 8 hours of engaging sessions
  • Open access to resources for the span of the programme 
  • Membership on the Redefining Inclusion Facebook page  
  • Reading material and video recommendations provided 
  • Certificate at the end of the programme
  • Building Literacy
  • 6 I’s of Inclusion
  • Executive Functioning
  • Behaviour Management


Nazia Ansari

M.A Inclusive Education