Kenya to the UK

Nazia is an Inclusive Educational Consultant  who is originally from Kenya. Currently, she based in Leicestershire UK.

While in Kenya, Nazia worked on a 1:1 basis with learners on the spectrum as well as those with global developmental delays. She also worked as a trainer for local pre-service and in-service teacher training programmes. Her modules surrounded special education and inclusion.

Nazia continues to support families and students in East Africa.  Specifically, she develops bespoke programmes and provides regular ongoing support. Locally, she works with the students and the school, developing tailor-made programmes and supporting the resourcing of learning activities for each learner.

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Nazia has been awarded a Bachelor’s in Special Education and a Masters in Inclusive Education. She is equipped with over 14 years of experience in working with  neuro-diverse learners.

Nazia is extremely passionate about inclusion and understands that a neuro-diverse learner needs a strong team and a consistent system.  Although inclusion is highly advocated for,  sometimes there is limited support available for schools and teachers to meet the needs of a neuro-diverse learners .

Incidentally, Nazia has witnessed that this often results in a communication breakdown between teachers and parents. Ultimately, this has an impact on their relationship.  With this in mind, Nazia strives to bridge this gap to create an optimal support system for neuro-diverse learners.

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Nazia has supported companies in developing assessment tools to help understand learner.  She has recently worked as part of the development team for PAGS® which has been welcomed globally.

How we work

Nazia  works with neuro-diverse learners and works with their team in dedication toward supporting neuro-diverse learners by. Undoubtedly, she truly believes that all learners have a tremendous amount of potential.

Sometimes skills have to be taught differently and need to be broken down. Notably, this may require the help of experts in the field of inclusion and special education.

Her area of expertise is in academic development. She aims to develop functional academics at the very least so that a learner is equipped with skills that will facilitate their independence and prepare them for adulthood.

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